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Pé Descalço is a dance school that teaches forró Pé Descalço: a forró style developed by the school, rich in its movements, musicality and heavily influenced by ballroom dancing.

We seek, in our essence, to transform the lives of people through dancing. Joy, relaxation, spontaneity, fun, going beyond yourself, friendship and culture are some of the keywords that define the values and concepts of this school.

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Pé Descalço


Want to do an intensive to learn our style? We take the Pé Descalço to you.

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Comfortable clothes to dance. T-shirts, skirts, skirts, sneakers, slippers and more.

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Want to do an intensive to learn our style? We take the Pé Descalço to you.

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Pé Descalço

The worlds largest
forró school

Pé Descalço can be considered one of the worlds largest forró schools, counting 11 units in the southeastern Brazil: Belo Horizonte/MG (5), Contagem/MG, Nova Lima/MG, Juiz de Fora/MG, São Paulo/SP, Niterói/RJ and London/UK. On top of that, the Pé Descalço teachers are frequently invited to give workshops all across Brazil and the rest of the world.

The first unit was the Antônio Carlos, that began in 12th of April, 2003. In 15 years of existence it is believed that more than 9000 students have taken classes here and presently they count about 750 students in all units. The working team, between administrative workers, examiners, teachers and unit directors are currently about 65 people.

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How it

Our methodology has 8 steps: warming up, stretching, in front of the mirror, presenting the couples, steps, interaction, relaxation and messages.

Presently in our methodology there are 7 levels of graduation, transparent, white, blue, advanced blue, black, advanced black and red, that are conquered at the Necklace Exam, one of our most important events. The exams take place every 3 months for beginners and every 6 months for experts.

The exam exists to maintain the organization and high level of quality of the dance and of the classes, helping the student to better absorb the rhythm and leading according to each necklace.

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