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The Pé Descalço Workshops are not only about you hiring our teachers to give a class. Our professionals are creative, extroverted and use dynamic teaching methodologies to make the best of the class and pass on the concepts as well as possible!

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What makes us


Developed Throughout the years, the Pé Descalço Methodology encourages the student’s growth.

Relaxation and spontaneity

Teachers don’t have to be boring. Learning can also be lots of fun!

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our goal is to be more than just a dance school, we want our school space to be a place of real interaction and intimacy between people.

Constant evolution

Both our students and teachers are always seeking what is new in the dance world.

Simplicity and clarity

The clearer the explanation, the easier it is for the student to learn!


Even if we are always goofing around, we are very serious about what we do and regarding our relationships with our students.

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